San Francisco, California

I’ve been to San Francisco two times now and hopefully have many more to go. It is definitely one of my favorite cities. So much to see and so much to do. And not just in SF but the whole Bay area. The atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant and there is so much beautiful landscape: the hills, the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay, forests. Also awesome architecture, old and new: buildings, bridges, etc. The weather isn’t that bad either (at least comparing to where I live) even though the infamous fog has a mind of its own and can be annoying ;P Always have a jacket and a scarf nearby just in case. As I learned the “hard” way the second night we went to the Twin Peaks…

View of the city and hills from Twin Peaks-SF-San-Francisco-daseerika

The view from the Twin Peaks is gorgeous ! The city, the hills, Golden Gate Bridge (with a sharp eye you can see it in the picture above), the bay and the Pacific ocean. Definitely recommend going there (it was my second time) ! Though if there is a lot of fog you won’t be able to see much. We were fortunate and it was clear that evening, though it was very windy and as the sun was going down it got very cold and we didn’t have warm clothes. We enjoyed the sunset and snapped a few quick photos.

Downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks, dusk, daseerika

Love the way you can see the Ferry Building at the end of the Market Street

Sunset from the Twin Peaks in San-Francisco-daseerika

San Francisco downtown from the Twin Peaks at dusk-daseerika

On top of Lombard Street. The blue lit tower is Coit Tower and the bridge is Bay Bridge. Always-SF-San-Francisco-15-daseerika

On top of Lombard Street. The blue lit tower is Coit Tower and the bridge is Bay Bridge.


Funny sign near Hayward

Funny but an important sign ;)

Hills near Hayward, San Francisco

Hiking on the hills

Lizard on a rock, Hayward, San Francisco

The Floating houses in Sausalito.

Floating houses in Sausalito, San Francisco

Floating houses in Sausalito, SF

Floating houses in Sausalito, SF

Hippie tree

Hippie tree

Swinging at Hippie Tree, Golden Gate Bridge

Swinging at Hippie tree with the view of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge ! You are beautiful San Francisco !!!

View from the Hippie Tree to San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge

And when in San Francisco I guess you have to drive on the Golden Gate Bridge..

Golden Gate Bridge

Driving on the Golden gate bridge

The golden coast of California…

California coast

California Coast, beach


We went for a hike in Muir Woods National Park. The redwood trees are so tall that they make you feel like an ant. It’s just nice to go to the woods after the city, crazy drivers and traffic and all those millions of people around you. Suddenly it’s just you and the trees :) On our 3 hour hike to the deeper parts of the forest, we only saw five people..

Muir Woods National Park

The redwood trees can be over a thousand years old !

 Muir Woods National Park, a redwood tree can be over a thousand years old

 Muir Woods National Park

 Muir Woods National Park

 Muir Woods National Park

Muir Woods National Park

 Muir Woods National Park

Muir Woods National Park

Wildlife !!! Lol, just a chipmunk ;)


The secret stairs they call them… found !

Secret Mosaic Stairs in San Francisco

View from the Secret Mosaic Stairs


The Palace of Fine Arts was built in 1915 (reconstructed in 1965) for a larger exposition showcasing objects and sculptures from all around the world. Inspired by a Roman ruin it was meant to be demolished after the exposition ended but thankfully was preserved for all of us to enjoy this beautiful structure.

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Bird attack !!! jk

There were so many different birds, fish and even a turtle.. Oh and it’s said that there is a black swan living there also, but didn’t see it. Better luck next time..


We went to Alcatraz last time so this time we just settled for a distant view. It is an interesting place to visit and the audio tour was great. You can spend there as much time as you like, getting to know the prison and the island. Just don’t miss the last ferry ’cause there’s no swimming back :P


Sea lions are funny to watch but can’t say the same about the smell..

Sea lions on Pier 39 in San Francisco

Sea lions at Pier 39

Grace Cathedral which reminds me of Notre Dame in Paris..

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Inside the Grace Cathedral

Inside the Grace Cathedral



We also took day trips to San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Monopoly in the Park, San Jose

Monopoly in the Park, San Jose

Monopoly in the park in San Jose

Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California

Bird on Santa Cruz beach

Santa Cruz beach

We also went to the Mystery Spot which is near Santa Cruz. It was nice and interesting (and maybe a little bit mysterious too) but it was quite a small area and a small tour. Nevertheless if you are in the area and have an hour and nothing else to do, go check it out (though buy the tickets first online)..


Still dreaming of the San Francisco sunsets…

Sunset in San Francisco

…and hoping to see many more in the future :)


P.S. from SF we headed for a huge road trip to the north and then to east coast ! Road trip pics coming in the near future….