Where is the Sun ?

This winter feels like it has been the darkest for as long as I can remember. I just realized that, after my lovely sister posted a sunny (+20’c degree) Californian weather forecast (thanks).. We had two days (and by two days I mean we saw the sun for a few hours on two days) of sunlight in November and only a few more in December and January. And that is nowhere enough. My energy levels are so low everyday and I feel like all I want to do is eat and sleep (wake me up when it’s spring).

Sunlight is so important for feeling energetic and on those rare sunny days you really feel the difference. Suddenly you want to do everything ! Go for a walk, enjoy the winter day, do housework (yes you even want to do all the chores that have built up), run a marathon (well almost). You just want to soak it all up and enjoy it and you actually get so much done. It’s like you can do anything !

You feel really good for being productive but that feeling is gone in a couple of days even if you try to stay positive and keep up the energy. All you can do is hope that the next time the sun shows up you won’t be at work. I actually don’t even know how we get anything done in Scandinavia. I guess everybody’s walking around like zombies (I sure am) and doing their thing and working because it’s a routine and you just do it.

Cloudy winter day, snowy field

Cloudy winter day

Quick web browsing shows though, that last winter we had only about 3 (that’s three !!!) days of sunlight by the end of February ! But the difference to this winter is that we haven’t had much snow and it hasn’t been as cold as last year. Sure we’ve had cold -20’c days here in the southern Finland (and it’s been -40’c in north) but overall it has been very mild, humid, rainy, dark and gross (I blame you stupid climate change !).

Only good thing I can think of about a dark winter is that you can binge watch all your favorite series and movies and find new ones and basically live on the internet. Because it is almost a syn to do that from May to September when the days are long and light.

Sun shining through spruce and pine trees, snowy forest

Sun, is that you ?

Of course one way to keep your mood and energy levels from going down is to go on a vacation to somewhere sunny. And a lot of people do exactly that. I’ve also been on many perfect, sunny winter holidays with my family and it really helps you to get through the winter A LOT easier. Unfortunately that’s not always possible because of various reasons people might have but a trip to light is perhaps one of the best medicines to avoid the winter blues !

I guess it was a bit premature to declare I don’t have the winter blues on my End of the year- post. I don’t mind a cold winter but the darkness is what gets you.. Oh well, let’s just hope that now that I’ve written this, February will be full of sunlight and energy ;P

Let’s keep dreaming ;)



5 thoughts on “Where is the Sun ?

  1. withorwithoutshoes

    Nice pics!
    I think I wouldn’t be able to live there. I’m very used to live in Spain, close to the sea, with good temperatures and sun almost everyday for few hours.

    Kisses from http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I love winter, but not sure if I would be able to manage that darkness, I love sun :) Amazing photos btw :) Kiss, Mel
    New post up @http://livingoncloude9.com/


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