Fall/Winter 2014 in pictures

Even though the fall was once again really dark and rainy for the most part, it went by really quickly. I didn’t even have time to get the usual fall/winter blues and now thank goodness we have snow on the ground and it brings so much more light to everyday. Today it’s sunny but -17 Celsius and I wasn’t that eager to step outside so I decided to go through this fall’s pictures and compile some of them here :) (as you’ll see I like to photograph on those rare sunny days ;P )

Daisy in the sun, fall

Sun shining, autumn, fall

Red Rowan berries, blue sky

Haribo dark mix candy, liquorice


Wild ducks, autumn, fall, 2014

Pheasant, bird, fall autumn 2014

Road, fall autumn 2014

Yellow leaves, fall colors 2014

Tall trees, yellow leaves, fall autumn 2014

Colorful leaves, fall 2014

Colorful leaves, fall autumn 2014

Fall colors, round about, autumn 2014

Sun shining through trees, Levi, fall 2014

Beautiful view, Levi fell, cloud and the sun, autumn fall 2014

Sunny on top of Levi fell, autumn fall 2014

Lonely tree on top of Levi fell, fall autumn 2014

Rocks on top of Levi fell, fall 2014

Levi fell, downhill skiing, world cup, pistes, fall 2014

Fireplace, fall 2014

Pumpkin candle, fall 2014

Eerika, flower ring

Dream big, laugh often-sign, fall 2014

Sunny day, hay, field

Sun in a foggy forest

Sun in a forest

Sunny winter day, snow

Snowy forest

Snowy forest

Baking gingerbread cookies, 2014

Christmas tree decoration, angel, 2014

Christmas tree decoration, bauble ball, 2014

Panther ears 2014

Happy and prosperous new year !!! :)