My First Post !

This is my first post! I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a long time. Life is about making memories but sometimes little things can be easily forgotten. I want to document those little things here. Things I like and maybe even what I don’t like. My favorite things. Things that I find inspiring and fun. All things pretty. Some of my thoughts. A little bit of my life… One day it will be fun looking back and reminiscing about those things.

Life is also about dreams. Big and small. And I am such a dreamer. Sometimes it is hard to put your dreams into words and that’s okay. Some things just feel right for you. It is important to have dreams and something to go towards. Even if it’s just a small dream. Dreaming has actually gotten me through some rough times.

One day, if I work hard enough and I’m lucky enough, some of my dreams will come true. And then they will become great memories. But for now, let’s concentrate on this day. And let’s keep dreaming ;)

Dreamy, foggy view somewhere along Highway 1 with the Pacific Ocean and mountains. West coast, California

Dreamy, foggy view somewhere along Highway 1.


4 thoughts on “My First Post !

  1. I started my journey last month!! ;) Nice meeting you! I enjoyed this intro. “Keep dreaming” sure works for me!


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